Senza Fili Senza Confini

Association of Social Promotion registered as Internet Service Provider that aims to reduce the digital divide in rural zones.

Born on October 18th, 2014 it’s the natural follow-up of scientific and social researches carried out by iXem Labs in Latin America, Africa and the Pacific Ocean. The initial project was named Verrua Senza Fili and it proved how the Internet connectivity could be brought in rural areas, maintaining sustainable economic conditions.

Senza Fili Senza Confini is the first association in Italy registered as a no-profit Internet Service Provider. Its economic model is based on groups of citizens that together cover the cost to access on the Internet. In this way the activity fully integrates the luck of traditional ISPs, that could even see the association as an operative tool to reduce the digital divide.

The goal is to reduce the digital divide not only for Internet access, but also from the cultural point of view. Courses for children and aged people are organized to help them to better understand how to use the modern technology.

Senza Fili Senza Confini supports the growth of Internet as a means to protect and support the local culture and identity of its own members. The association realizes and manage a network for the broadband connections for all the associated.

Overview of Fortezza di Verrua Savoia
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