Me-RI (Meters Remote Integration) is a Wireless M-Bus to Lora bridge apt to interpret the radio transmission of meters.

Detect anomalies on the distribution system

Improve the billing system with real time

Avoid human intervention in remote area

The project has been designed to provide continuous connect water consumption meters for S.M.A.T. (the Turin’s civic water society) but it could be reconfigured to link with electricity, gas, heat or any other type of device working on the Wireless M-Bus network.

Thanks to Me-RI and to the LoRa network it is possible to acquire the meter’s readings from remote and have access to them online. In this way it is possible to create a database daily updated with new data.

Me-RI can receive Wireless M-Bus frames in the free bands 169, 433 and 868 MHz, then it interprets, modifies and transmits them through the 868 MHz LoRa network.

One of the main advantages in using the Me-RI system is the ability to fast detect losses in pipeline systems. The platform is able to forward real time notifications for unexpected events. Also, it allows a company to improve the billing system, avoiding the need for human intervention in remote areas, to collect the measures.

Me-RI Schema