iXem Labs Foundation

2004 Verrua Savoia, Monferrato, Italy. iXem Labs. were born there

2014 10 years after, the iXem Labs celebrate their first decade, changing name into iXem Labs Foundation . Our history begins again.

Our history is the one of a laboratory of Politecnico di Torino, established in 2004 by Daniele Trinchero, Riccardo Stefanelli and Ludwig dei Ghermanti. The Laboratory during the past 10 years has conducted basic and applied research projects, aimed at the development of exploitable radio systems to overcome the digital divide, to improve the efficiency of productive methods,facilitating sustainability processes.


Our mission is 'the study of wireless communication systems, the research of more advanced wireless communication techniques, the promotion of wireless technology for realisation of telecommunication networks all over the world, the overcome of the digital gap between the Occidental and the Third World and within each Country, the exploitation of advanced, reliable, low cost, efficient wireless technology to improve of living conditions, environmental protection and sustainable production processes '.